About This Course

This workshop is a general overview designed for school or district literacy leaders (principals/AP’s, district administrators, coaches, ELA coordinators).

Research has shown that a key to reading success is an increase in the amount or volume of reading a student does. During this workshop, literacy leader Annie Ward will guide participants to support voluminous, high-success reading in their school or district by attending to its component parts: access to compelling books, choice, and abundant time to read.


Participants will

  • Summarize key research findings that support voluminous, high-success reading;
  • Describe classroom practices that yield voluminous, high-success reading;
  • Assess whether conditions supporting voluminous, high-success reading are in place in their schools/districts;
  • Draft action plans; identify entry points and next steps.

The more minutes of high-success reading completed each day is the best predictor of reading growth.

Richard Allington

Course Format

This is a 4-hour in-person, interactive workshop.


Striving readers, particularly children in poverty, often find themselves in literal and de facto book deserts

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