"... approach to school data use ... is nothing short of a breakthrough in the field..." 
-- Brenda and Franklin CampbellJones    

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"Nothing is more complex, challenging, or important than assuring high levels of learning for each and every student. And no single factor has a greater impact on student learning than skillful teaching." -- Jodi Wirt, Assistant Superintendent, Lake Zurich School District, Illinois

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RBT's Nancy Love and Michelle Crowell, Principal of the Madeline English School appeared in the October edition of the Learning Forward Journal, The Learning Professional.

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"We have never seen a school that achieved anything significant for students without a good leader." 
--Milbrey McLaughlin and Joan E. Talbert

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"Of all the things that are important to having good schools, nothing is as important as the teacher and what the person knows, believes, and can do."   -- Jon Saphier

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"... strategically and purposefully building a pipeline for creating leaders within our district for several years now through a myriad of methods, including the Skillful Leader Project."
-- Superintendent Hanson, Fresno Unified School District, CA

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"RBT is a recognized and highly prized resource in the pursuit of educational excellence."
-- Rabbi Dr. Schloss, The Jewish Education Project

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The Skillful Teacher: The Comprehensive Resource to Improving Teaching and Learning (7th ed.)

The latest edition of The Skillful Teacher is the comprehensive resource for all educators – no matter where they are in their career. Building on decades of research, The Skillful Teacher offers evidence-based instructional strategies for today’s classroom including easy-to-understand scripts and videos. The Skillful Teacher is used world-wide as a hands-on, practical guide on instruction – not a theoretical perspective on education.More Information

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