Why Section

Welcome from Jon Saphier

Welcome to the RBT website. I invite you to explore and learn more about our organization. Our approach has always been to offer the highest quality staff development; but in the last decade we've focused on systemic change and being critical friends for sustainable improvement of teaching, leadership, and therefore, of student results.

Since our founding, RBT has believed and acted on two core principles: every child deserves a quality education regardless of the circumstances of their birth; and all children are capable of growing their ability and learning. Never has the need been greater to close achievement gaps, reduce dropout rates, and better serve diverse student populations. But these challenges can be met, as demonstrated by the growing number of schools that are achieving extraordinary results, against all odds. The opportunity now is to make these success stories the norm rather than the exception--by focusing on the single most important factor in student learning: teaching expertise.

Today, RBT partners with over 100 school districts a year, suburban and urban, large and small, to plan for, implement, monitor, and sustain improvements over time in teaching and learning. Our client districts use RBT's publications, products, professional development programs, and consulting to apply a focused, coherent, and systemic approach to:

  • Equip teachers with High-Expertise Teaching skills as well as the courage and conviction to assure that all students meet the rigorous standards and acquire the 21st Century skills to achieve in the workplace
  • Prepare leaders to execute thoughtful and efficient teacher evaluation and support teacher development
  • Build robust teacher teams that make effective use of multiple sources or data, especially formative assessments, to continuously improve teaching and learning

RBT's expertise and approach can help your school or district advance these and other goals for improvement. We are sure that what we offer can make a difference today and we look forward to working with you in the future. 

Jon Saphier -- Founder and President