Professional Development at RBT

Open Programs: Skillful Leadership

Analyzing Teaching for Student Results: Special Edition (ATSR 20-223)

Dates: Jan 10, 2020, Jan 30, 2020, Feb 10, 2020, Mar 5, 2020, Mar 24, 2020, Apr 9, 2020, Apr 30, 2020
Times: 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Location: Research for Better Teaching, One Acton Place, Acton, MA, 01720
Current Status: Open


*Special Edition offering will be taught by The Skillful Teacher authors Jon Saphier and MaryAnn Haley along with RBT Senior Consultant Deb Reed. These presenters bring a wealth of knowledge about high expertise teaching and how to support leaders to grow their staff's teaching skills through

Instructor: Jon Saphier, Mary Ann Haley-Speca, Deborah Reed
Price (per person): $1,800.00

How to Build Strong Adult Professional Culture: The Missing Ingredient in School Improvement (APC 20-109)

Dates: Oct 15, 2019, Oct 16, 2019, Nov 21, 2019, Dec 19, 2019, Jan 15, 2020, Feb 12, 2020
Times: 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Location: RBT Conference Center, 526 Main Street, Acton, MA, 01720
Current Status: Wait list only

This is a course about the everyday behaviors of school leaders who build strong adult professional cultures (APC). It is a course for principals, assistant principals, team leaders, and instructional coaches, and very much for central office personnel who interact with school leaders.

Instructor: Jon Saphier
Price (per person): $900.00