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We partner with schools, districts, colleges, and universities in the United States and abroad to ensure more high-expertise teaching for more children in more classrooms more of the time.

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RBT has worked with educators and schools in 41 states and 18 countries. We offer core programs to schools and districts with 25 or more participants as well as open enrollment opportunities for individuals. Find out more about how to bring RBT to your school or district.

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I remain a huge fan of The Skillful Teacher, and find the latest edition every bit as user-friendly (both in its organization of the content and in its treatment of the content) as earlier editions.

Christopher Trombly

Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Southern Connecticut State University

Using The Skillful Teacher in Teacher Prep

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The Skillful Teacher has been an essential component of my leadership practice with teachers for years. I know of no better resource to support the improvement of teaching and learning.

Richard Gonzalez

UConn NEAG School of Education

This book should be required reading for every undergraduate student preapring to enter the profession.

Richard DuFour

Educational Author and Consultant