About This Course

This is a 18 hour/3-day course for beginning teachers.

Beginning teachers need practical skills so that they can be successful in their first couple of years of teaching. This program addresses what skillful teachers must know and do to build an effective learning environment. It focuses on three major areas:

  • An introduction to the belief in the growth mindset that says “smart is not something you are; smart is something you can get through effective effort”
  • Classroom management and climate emphasizing the elements that need to be in place for a classroom to run smoothly and productively
  • The development of clear learning objectives as the anchor for creating daily lesson plans.

Three propositions form the basis for the program:

  • A belief in the ability of every student to learn at high levels is necessary for a teacher to meet student needs.
  • Effective classroom management and positive classroom climate are essential for optimal teaching and learning to occur. We can’t teach effectively and students can’t learn optimally in chaos and psychologically unsafe environments.
  • A clear learning objective is the foundation of the daily lesson plan. 


As a result of taking this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of a growth mindset belief on student motivation, learning, and achievement;
  • Explain how a teacher’s personal relationships with students impact student behavior, motivation, and achievement;
  • Establish efficient and effective routines to maximize student learning time;
  • Set and communicate high standards of behavior clearly and credibly to students;
  • Analyze the causes of off-task and disruptive behavior and increase each person’s repertoire of responses;
  • Use appropriate moves to engage students to pay attention and stay on task;
  • Frame mastery objectives that guide planning and focus learners on what is important

Course Format

In this 3-day, 18-hour program participants will learn research-based theories and strategies within the safety of a community of learners, experiment with them in their own classrooms, and share their observations with workshop colleagues.

This course is offered for schools and district groups to ensure the content is tailored to the group's specific needs and therefore is not offered as an open enrollment opportunity.


Course Information

Groups of 25 or more: Submit a Service Request to discuss how this course could benefit educators in your school or district.

Note: This program is not offered as an open enrollment opportunity for groups of less than 25.



Participants completing all program requirements can optionally receive one graduate credit through Fitchburg State University for an additional fee paid directly to FSU. Learn More