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RBT's Impact

Studying Skillful Teaching, and using all of the concepts they have given me… has transformed the way that I teach, in that I am just so much more mindful in what I am doing, how that translates to what student are doing, how I am intentional in my planning, and how that looks in my day to day processes of my classroom and my students learning and activities overall.

Carmen Adler

Language Arts Teacher, Cottage Grove High School

RBT training has become an integral part of how we do and conduct teacher observations and the type of feedback we give teachers. It has been our anchor in terms of where we put our PD efforts.

Suzanne Price

Director of Elementary Education, Springfield School District

For teachers who engaged in the program, their instruction has taken the next step – from student evaluation to planning … and that is even bearing out in teacher evaluation results.

Krista Parent

former Superintendent of South Lane School District
Key Information

  • RBT & Lane County ESD began to develop the Lane County Teaching and Learning Academy
  • All 16 Lane County districts have participated in programs offered by RBT
  • Prepared 15 In-District Instructors
  • About 1,200 staff have completed SST modules
  • 96% of participants reported that they gained useful knowledge and tools through SST modules