About This Course

One of the most challenging aspects of teacher evaluation systems is how to improve the quality of instruction by underperforming teachers. Knowing how to support these teachers, often rated “needs improvement” or “unsatisfactory”, is a source of ongoing frustration. In this practical program, participants will learn to identify and assist individuals whose current instruction is not positively impacting student growth and outcomes. Sample strategies and approaches from the book by Platt and Tripp, Strengthening Teacher Evaluation: Taking Action to Improve Ineffective Instruction, aka The Skillful Leader III (2014).


Participants will learn how to use multiple sources of data to diagnose issues, document and communicate problems skillfully, and design appropriate interventions to improve the quality of instruction. Case studies, video clips, artifacts and dozens of practical examples from K-12 will illustrate how to:

  • Use a repertoire of communication strategies to match different individuals’ needs and range of situations
  • Create strong, effective recommendations and follow-up
  • Craft mini-plans to put improvement in place quickly
  • Write formal improvement plans

Course Format

Participants are asked to bring district performance standards and hard questions and to be ready to compare notes with others who want to improve students’ opportunities to learn and are facing similar obstacles. If possible, participants are encouraged to come with a team and leave ready to support one another’s efforts and “take on the really tough stuff.”


Course Information

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