Montgomery County Public Schools Rockville, MD

An RBT Client for over 25 Years


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[The] Skillful Teacher wasn’t just about how to teach. It gave us a common way of thinking and talking about teaching and learning and experiencing it together…

Jerry Weast

Former Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland. From Leading for Equity (2009)
Key Information

  • RBT co-constructed the district's Professional Growth System and helped establish the Skillful Teaching and Leading Team
  • MCPS has 11 certified In-District Instructors who deliver Studying Skillful Teaching (SST) and Observing and Analyzing Teaching (OAT) (the equivalent of the Analyzing and Teaching for Student Results course)
  • All administrators are required to take two courses - OAT 1 and OAT 2

Montgomery County Case Study - Julia Koppich 2004