Revere Public Schools Revere, MA

An RBT client for over 25 years


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Lots of factors went into having all schools in the district being Level 2 or better: having a common goal; having consistency among administrators and teachers; focusing on students and learning objectives; having mastery objectives and criteria for success. These were the same principles that were taught in RBT courses.

Revere Assistant Principal

RBT's Impact

When teachers take the RBT training, you see differences in teaching. Teachers reflect more and have a different attitude about their students. They have better routines. They approach assessment differently. By doing all of this, teachers push students to the next level of learning 

Revere District Director

Key Information

  • First urban district in Massachusetts will all schools in top two accountability categories
  • Substantially reduced achievement gap with state by improving proficiency rate of students in ELA & Math during a time when the students of color population doubled
  • Substantially reduced achievement gap between students of color & white students in ELA & Math
  • Most administrators continued to use RBT course materials in coaching or supervising teachers
  • Most teachers adopted (1) common language & concepts about teaching that fostered communications, (2) effective classroom management & student engagement strategies, and (3) proven instructional strategies to expand their teaching repertoire

Overview Revere Case Study
Revere Full Case Study Report 2016