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Vulnerable and Strong at the Same Time

"Over the last 40 years, I have been working directly with instructional leaders -- principals, instructional coaches, and the central office...

Let's Get Specific About How Leaders Can Build Trust

Trust is an essential element in successful schools. When educators trust their leaders and each other, academic achievement rises. Read Jon...

Give students the gift of believing in themselves

Give the gift of inspiring all students to believe in themselves.  Read Jon Saphier's article,...

Impact of Data Teams Article in The Learning Professional

How to Become A Skillful “Teacher of Teachers”

There is a range of skills, or areas of performance, required to become a skillful facilitator. Depending on your professional responsibilities, different skills are required to effectively execute the demands of the job. In this blog post, DeNelle West, RBT Director of Professional Development, outlines a framework of those skills.

Get Students to Believe In Themselves: Read Article by Jon Saphier in the February 2017 Phi Delta Kappan Online!




Learning About Racism and White Privilege

By Jon Saphier - September 29, 2016: Issues of race and the experience of people of color in America are more central in our national conversation and the media than I can remember since the Civil Rights Era of the 50s and 60s. Bringing this experience to the surface is a good thing.

Time to Be Tackling Racial Bias in the Classroom

Jon Saphier - May 24, 2016: Racism is a social construct that operates as a system of oppression based on race. It operates everywhere, even inside the best intentioned of educators. Racism is built on stereotypes and expressed in various forms of oppression.

Why Teachers Need Cultural Proficiency

Jon Saphier - May 20, 2016: Changing demographics have made a “should” into a “must” for American teachers. Cultural proficiency produces behaviors that acknowledge and value the culture of those different from oneself. It develops out of being curious and wanting to learn about other people and their cultures.

Successful Teaching

Jon Saphier - March 9, 2016: This short video describes the elements required for successful teaching. Most people don't realize how complex teaching really is.