Book Excerpt: The Skillful Culture Builder

How can we tell how strong our culture is, and what do leaders do to build it that way?

The Skillful Culture Builder

September 15th, 2022

I’ve used the term “role” in describing the new role of the principal, but what I really have in mind is a trio of parts, the most central of which is learning leader – one who models learning, but also shapes the conditions for all to learn on a continuous basis….So the principal’s role is to lead the school’s teachers to improve their teaching, while learning alongside them about what works and what doesn’t.

Michael Fullan, 2011

It seems like on every level these [highly effective schools] were organized with teachers' professional needs in mind ... teachers constantly work with and learn from each other. The schools are designed to build collective capacity.

Susan Moore Johnson, 2020

Four years of public school teaching…and ten years as a principal…convinces me that the nature of the relationships among adults who inhabit a school has more to do with a school’s quality and character, with the professionalism of its teachers than any other factor.

Roland Barth, 2001