Calling People in, Not Out

Giving facilitators the tools to get a group to talk about the issues instead of the people.

Calling People In, Not Out

January 18th, 2023

While we have acquired reams of facilitation strategies, the single most important learning for us is that behaviors people exhibit are the best way they know of to take care of themselves.

Bob Garmston and Carolyn McKanders

From the book: It’s Your Turn:Teachers as Facilitators. A Handbook

A facilitator must have a vision of the group as it could be.

Look around your inner landscape. This is not to criticize yourself but to see what lives there.

How do you handle a situation when emotions run high? Don’t call them out, call them in.

We teach how to advocate for an idea with sanity... to gain tools to be able to talk about issues, not people.

How to help people get unstuck: A counterintuitive piece is that you don’t have to tell people what’s wrong with their position.