Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

How to Use it Rather than Run From It


By: Jon Saphier, Evelyn Ford-Connors, & Leah Levine

AI: How to Use it Rather than Run From It

AI is here to stay, and thoughtfully used, it will be a boon to teaching and learning.

The heart of teaching lies in the creative, interactive, and responsive decisions and interactions that occur daily between teachers and their students.

Although AI will never replace the dynamic give-and-take of teacher-student interactions and the individual conferencing that empower formative assessments, it can help with the more routine aspects of assessment like creating quizzes and generating tools to monitor and track student progress.

Most of all, we need to remember that teaching well requires much more than quizzing, tracking, monitoring, and categorizing.

Our starting point should be the assumption that 100% of our students will use AI. We would be naive to think otherwise.

Let us use AI as a tool to enhance our teaching and learning potential.