Name It…The Other Epidemic

By Jeffrey Levin and Chief Justice John Broderick

We are going to make the case that the current movement for teaching SEL skills is a necessary but insufficient response to the new scale of the problem. What we can do and must do first is explicitly acknowledge with students the issues causing extreme anxiety and involve families more directly. 

Name It…The Other Epidemic

November 15th, 2021

Covid has shaken our entire education establishment and made 2021-22 the most difficult year in history for American educators as well as for children and their families. Scores of our students have forgotten how to do school, and teacher shortages, weekly Covid tests, and lack of subs make every day a struggle. 

Hard as it may be to realize in this chaotic year, time will diminish these particular struggles. But COVID has exposed another, more insidious epidemic that is affecting almost every school in the country – a mental health crisis of previously unimagined proportion. Jeff Levin and Judge John Broderick make the case here that this situation needs to be considered deeply now, and they offer solutions. 

Jon Saphier

I have hugged more students with wet eyes and cracking voices in gyms and auditoriums across northern New England these past five years than I ever knew existed. My eyes have been opened.

Chief Justice John Broderick