3.4a Verify Causes Tree Template,

3.4a Verify Causes Tree Template,
This is a support document for Chapter 3.4 of The Skillful Data Use Series: Verifying Causes

What happens all too often is that once a student-learning problem is identified, teams jump to premature conclusions about what is causing it. Or they get stuck in the blame game – blaming students or their families or the teachers in previous grades for the problem – the road to nowhere. As illustrated in this chapter, the Verifying Causes component of the Using Data Process is designed to prevent these missteps by guiding Data Teams to look for causes in high-leverage areas over which they have control, recommit to cultural proficiency, and use local data to verify causes before acting on them.

Reflect and Dialogue:

What are the dangers of not verifying causes? What has been your own experience with this component of the Using Data Process?
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