The Superintendent’s Proficiency Initiative

Executive Summary 

This document provides the rationale and implementation framework for The Superintendent’s Proficiency Initiative. The purpose of the Initiative is to focus the time, energy, and resources of teachers, leaders, and community partners toward a single goal: proficiency for at least 90% of a district’s students within five years of their school’s enrollment in the initiative. Initially, a voluntary cohort of 6-8 schools will provide the proof of concept that show what can be achieved within the typical constraints of schedule, budget, legal parameters, and labor agreements. The district’s commitments to equity, academic excellence, and great teaching and leadership all must be focused toward this goal. This will reduce initiative fatigue, burnout, and the program fragmentation that afflicts urban educational systems around the nation. Implementation support includes the engagement of community leaders, parents, and educational partners, direct support for school administrators, and on-site coaching for teachers in the context of their existing Professional Learning Communities. 

About the Authors:

Dr. Howard ( is the founder of The Efficacy Institute ( Dr. Reeves is ( the founder of The Equity and Excellence Institute. Jeff and Doug have been committed to urban education for decades and have worked in 50 states and more than 40 countries. Their research and practice is focused on success for students who are economically disadvantaged.