Characteristics of Effective Feedback

Characteristics of Effective Feedback
This is a support document for the video: Assessment: Encouragement and Advice - High School Art

In this video, Ms. Seibold demonstrates giving suggetions and building student confidence during instruction in a series of vignettes with individual students in her ceramics class. This video does not show pure feedback, but a blend of suggestions, encouragement and feedback.

Consider the following activities for application of the content in this video:

Print out all support documents for this video. Have teachers watch the video and then ask each teacher to comment on what additions or changes in practice they might try.
Have teachers bring corrected work to a professional development session. Show the video and distribute copies of Characteristics of Effective Feedback. Have teachers independently reflect on their current written feedback and any changes they want to incorporate.
For more information refer to p. 460 of the Assessment chapter of The Skillful Teacher.