Stimulating Effective Effort Action Template

Stimulating Effective Effort Action Template
This is a resource document for the video: Expectations: Stimulating Effective Effort: High School Mathematics

Kelyn says:"I can't do it. Could you please call on her?" Mr. Hermann is not only expressing confidence in her ability in the following moments, but also using the power of the group to make sure everyone, especially Kelyn, can do it. Listen carefully to the expectations messages embedded in this brief two-minute interaction and the return visit he pays to their group five minutes later. Note how Kelyn pushes through her embarassment with Mr. Herrmann's encouragement.

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

Have teachers view the video and reflect on the three key messages: This is important. You can do it. I won't give up on you. Ask each teacher to come up with one way to incorporate these messages into his or her current teaching practice.
Ask teachers to download and complete the Stimulating Effective Effort Action Template. Have them fill it out and share responses with colleagues.

For more information refer to the Expectations chapter of The Skillful Teacher.