Daily Effort Log

Daily Effort Log
This is a resource document for the video: Expectations: Weekly Quizzes and Retakes: Teaching Effective Effort: High School Japanese

In Mr. VanKrey's Japanese class, students regularly compare study stragegies in a circle to support each others' learning.

The motivational structures in place in Mr. VanKrey's Japanese class support and accelerate students' desire to learn effective effort strategies. These structures include weekly quizzes, student self-correction and record keeping of their results, self-reporting and self-assessment of study strategies, goal setting, and plans of action.

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

View the video and print out the Motivational Structures that Surround Teaching of Effective Effort for each teacher in your group. Discuss incorporating these strategies into your current teaching practice.
Download VanKrey's Daily Effort Log and distribute to teachers. Ask them to reflect on ways they can adapt this to use with their own students.