Creating a Social Contract (page 139)

Creating a Social Contract (page 139)
Mendler and Curwin (1999) describe a comprehensive strategy for involving students in rule making—called the social contract—to promote responsibil-ity and respect and ensure there are clarity and buy-in regarding the rules of classroom interaction.

Some teachers call this beginning-of-the-year rules exercise “constructing a classroom constitution” or “bill of rights and responsibilities.” A colleague of ours and a former classroom teacher, Dave Crump, used to start each school year by having his students develop a list of what they wanted to be able to count on as rights to be respected in their classroom that year (see Exhibit 10.1). Once they had generated a good list, they would discuss what each idea meant and why it was important. Finally, they would vote on their top priorities and construct a manageable list of 10 to 15 rights that everyone promised to abide by. The final document was prepared, and each student signed it.

Referenced in The Skillful Teacher, 7th Edition, p.139
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