RBT Programs in Pittsfield 2017-19 Report

This report documents RBT's work with Pittsfield Public Schools for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.

The original focus of the district in its work with RBT was on administrator training. Based on their own experiences as former elementary school principals, the two district administrators sought training that would (1) improve the quality of teacher evaluations and (2) promote greater alignment and consistency in teacher evaluations across the entire district. Both needs were characterized as significant areas of frustration and concern among leaders and educators throughout the district. 

Both the Deputy Superintendent and the Curriculum Director acknowledged that their participation in the ATSR course changed their understanding about the needs and challenges facing the Pittsfield Public Schools in their efforts to improve teaching and learning for all students. Based on these personal experiences, the struggles of some administrators with the ATSR course, and ongoing conversations with Spencer, the district leaders concluded that more than just the ATSR course was needed. In consultation with Spencer and RBT, the district identified six sets of RBT activities to serve as a follow-up to the initial ATSR course: 

  • On-site coaching and targeted training sessions for principals and coaches to enable them to implement the concepts and practices presented in the ATSR course 
  • Coaching High-Impact Teacher Teams (TEAMS) course for school administrators and team leaders in several turnaround schools to promote collaborative data use and analysis for actionable outcomes related to teaching and learning 
  • On-site observation, coaching, and consultation for teacher teams to enable them to effectively use the processes, practices, and protocols presented in the TEAMS course 
  • Training around unit design, backward planning, and looking at student work with staff at both high schools 
  • ATSR course completion required for all new administrators and TEAMS course training provided to new team leaders to respond to high staff turnover in the district 
  • On-going consultation and coaching for district administrators to ensure that they could effectively implement RBT