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Maximize the Impact of Your Teacher Evaluation


Spiral-bound collection of Teacher Evaluation Reference Materials from Research for Better Teaching. The resource guides include several popular teacher evaluation frameworks that districts across the country are using – additional guides are planned. They provide instructional resources to evaluators who are seeking to improve teacher performance. The mapping to The Skillful Teacher focuses on the framework for thinking about teaching skills that relate to each category. The mapping to The Skillful Leader III provides guidance on how to diagnose and address problems with instruction.

  • Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching (2013)
  • Kim Marshall’s Teacher Evaluation Rubrics (January, 2014)
  • Robert Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model (2015)
  • Massachusetts Model System for Teacher Evaluation (2012)

For each, the following items are included:

  • Crosswalk mapping of the two books to the rubrics
  • Cross reference to the Map of Pedagogical Knowledge
  • Cross reference to the Table of Contents of each of the books
  • References to videos on the RBTeach website which are detailed in the Appendix

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Maximize the Impact of Your Teacher Evaluation: Tools to Make Meaning of Your Framework and to Achieve Results