Series: Interview - Art Costa

Interview - Art Costa

Art Costa reviews his distinguished career in this benchmark interview with The Skillful Teacher authors Jon Saphier and Mary Ann Haley Speca. He is well known for his work on thinking skills, Cognitive Coaching with Bob Garmston, and Habits of Mind with Bena Kallick, but what we get to hear is how these bodies of work are connected and led to a cohesive view of teacher development. Did you know Art worked for NASA for years?

In this series:

1. Art Costa: Full Interview

In this full interview Jon Saphier and Mary Ann Haley Speca interview Thinking Skills legend Art Costa about his path to his distinguished career.

2. Art Costa: Part 1: Start at the Beginning

The first part of this interview covers Art's path to education.

3. Art Costa: Part 2: Constant Learning

Art elaborates on the importance of constant learning in his life from his work at NASA to the classroom.

4. Art Costa: Part 3: Developing the Habits of Mind

Art explains how the Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum with Bena Kallick came to be.

5. Art Costa: Part 4: Deep Learning & Leadership

Art explains that deep learning and leadership aren't just one thing, or a position, but a set of behaviors.

6. Art Costa: Part 5: Cognitive Coaching

Art defines the goal of cognitive coaching: to influence the beliefs, values, thinking, and decision making of teachers, with the ultimate goal of putting yourself out of work.

7. Art Costa: Part 6: States of Mind

Art speaks about the 5 motivators that drive us: the 5 States of Mind: Efficacy, Interdependence, Craftsmanship, Consciousness, Flexibility

8. Art Costa: Part 7: Drive for Autonomy

Art explains the need we all have for autonomy. So, the job of a good coach is to help others achieve autonomy.