Series: Interview - Charlie Jett on Leadership

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    Interview Series 2023

Interview - Charlie Jett on Leadership

Charlie Jett is in his seventh year as Principal of Two Rivers-Dos Ríos Elementary School. During that time, he has greatly improved overall student daily attendance, implemented systems that improved student behavior and academic outcomes, and strived to create a school climate and environment where all students feel they belong. It is for just some of these accomplishments that Charlie received the A Champion in Education (ACE) award as Springfield Public Schools elementary school principal of the year his first year at Two Rivers - Dos Rios in 2017, and was recently awarded a National Distinguished Principal award as 2022 Oregon Elementary Principal of the Year by the Coalition for Oregon School Administrators. Above all, Charlie is a champion for student equity. He believes all students deserve to have access to the resources that will help them grow and achieve because all students can learn.​

In this video, RBT Founder Jon Saphier interviews Principal Jett about his daily activities as an instructional leader and their potential for having a direct impact on improving teaching. Saphier and Jett walk through the impact a school leaders can have on the improvement of classroom teaching and learning by showing up in at least 12 different places - captured in Where to Show up and What to Do. Each is a lever of influence on teaching skill if the leader sets a tone for learning rather than for evaluation and oversight and acts skillfully when there. 

In this series:

1. Full Interview: Charlie Jett Interview on Leadership

Charlie Jett, 2022 Oregon Principal of the Year, shares insights on the places an instructional leaders shows up to have a positive impact on the improvement of classroom teaching and learning.

2. Part 1.1 - Charlie Jett: Content or Grade Level Teams

Charlie Jett discusses how TRDR sets up teacher collaboration.

3. Part 1.2 - Charlie Jett: Faculty Meetings

Charlie Jett shares how he prepares for and runs faculty meetings.

4. Part 1.3 - Charlie Jett: Adult Professional Culture

Charlie Jett discusses how important it is to build trust through support, fostering leadership, and building on people's strengths.

5. Part 1.5 - Charlie Jett: More on Teams

Charlie Jett shares more about productive teams.

6. Part 1.6 - Charlie Jett: Instructional Leadership Teams

Charlie Jett explains how important it is to have regular Instructional Leadership Team meetings that maintain a connection to the school-wide goals.

7. Part 1.4 - Charlie Jett: Coaches and Specialists

Charlie Jett speaks about how important it is to have a coordinated approach to coaches across the district who provide non-evaluative feedback.

8. Part 1.7 - Charlie Jett: Planning and Goal Setting

Charlie Jett speaks about collaborating with teachers to set goals as well as how he implements his own goals.

9. Part 1.8 - Charlie Jett: Short Visits and CEIQ

Charlie Jett expands on how he provides targeted feedback to teachers.

10. Part 1.9 - Charlie Jett: Principal Prep & Student Behavior Management

Charlie Jett reflects on what is missing from principal prep programs.

11. Part 1.10 - Charlie Jett: Walkthroughs and Hall Wall Availability

Charlie Jett talks about engaging student in a variety of ways.