Full Interview: Charlie Jett Interview on Leadership

In this interview with RBT Founder, Jon Saphier, Charlie Jett, 2022 Oregon Principal of the Year, shares insights on the places an instructional leaders shows up to have a positive impact on the improvement of classroom teaching and learning. Including:

  • 1.1 Content or Grade Level Teams
  • 1.2 Faculty Meetings
  • 1.3 Adult Professional Culture
  • 1.4 Coaches and Specialists
  • 1.5 More on Teams
  • 1.6 Instructional Leadership Teams
  • 1.7 Planning and Goal Setting
  • 1.8 Short Visits and CEIQ
  • 1.9 Principal Prep- Student Behavior
  • 1.10 Walkthroughs and Hall Wall Availability
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