Critical Elements of Lesson Design

In this video Jon Saphier describes the relationship between the critical lesson elements of: Objectives, Criteria for Success, Formative Assessment, and Feedback.

Objectives: What should students know and be able to do?

  • worthy/appropriate
  • clearly articulated:
  • learner as subject
  • active performance verb
  • curricular knowledge or skill
  • communicated to students
  • revisited throughout

Criteria for Success: What qualities must be present to meet the standard?

  • Names product or performance
  • Public
  • Precise
  • Prior 
  • Printed
  • Presented
  • Lists the critical attributes of an excellent product or performance

Formative Assessment: How will they show they can do it?

  • throughout the lesson
  • data about all students
  • used to adjust instruction
  • used to improve work

Feedback: ongoing throughout

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