Julie Craven: Full Interview

In this interview, RBT Consultant Reena Freedman speaks with School Leader Julie Craven about how the many leadership lessons that her bout with long COVID has brought to light. The full interview covers:

  1. Long COVID Leadership Lessons: Trusting in your distributed leadership protocols
  2. Spreading The Glue: “Everyone has something invisible that they are carrying around.”
  3. Connecting with the Community: “Compassion, curiosity and responsiveness”
  4. Taking Your Own Advice: Sometimes it is ok to shut the office door.
  5. Fanning the flames: The role of the school leader to keep the focus.
  6. Building the Internal Capacity: “It doesn’t happen by accident.”
  7. Leadership is a Big Job: And part of it is realizing you don’t have all the answers.
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