David Guzmán Interview

David Guzmán, Principal of the Cherry Hill Elementary and Middle school in Baltimore City Public Schools, has served and led as an administrator at three turnaround schools in Baltimore City. Under his leadership, two schools have exited turnaround status, and his current school is on track to exit comprehensive school improvement as well.  

In this conversation with RBT Founder Jon Saphier, Mr. Guzmán touches on many of the elements of what we at RBT have found to be paramount in improving results for students.  Use the timings below to identify the pieces you are most interested in learning more about.

  1. 01:45 - Forming a common language and shared expectations -  
  2. 04:29 - Developing a culture of trust
  3. 26:40 - Believing in all students and being intentional and proactive about meeting their needs
  4. 41:34 - Building capacity from within - support with accountability.

Note: This interview was recorded in July 2023.