Grand Prize: 2020 Skillful Teacher Video Contest: Jamie Foguere

Ms. Fougere was nominated by Ms. Sharon K Hughes, Assistant Principal of Harwich Elementary School.

In Ms. Hughes' words:

"Ms. Jamie Fougere's highly skilled instructional strategies in this ELA lesson exemplify what the criteria for success should be for her students, as they achieve all targeted learning outcomes she projected. She clearly has exemplary management skills (momentum and routines from beginning to end of the lesson) and keeps student motivation levels high because she has established close, personal relationship with each student, as a result, she has built trust and students take academic risks in this comfortable classroom climate she establishes and maintains. Ms. Fougere is an exemplary Skillful Teacher, and we feel she should be recognized as the RBT Skillful Teacher of 2020. In this video, it is evident that Ms. Jamie Fougere designs lessons from multiple research-based, high performing literacy intervention programs that incorporate strategies and techniques from the Orton-Gillingham approach, Literacy Collaborative, Castaspell, and Tools of the Mind. She ensures that key components of the most critical skills are incorporated into highly engaging multi-sensory phonics lessons so students can absorb, maintain, and demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of assessments. Ms. Fougere’s demonstrates clear routines are balanced with seamless momentum as students demonstrate a firm understanding of targeted skills responding with enthusiasm. Students can be observed decoding/ and encoding with the targeted phoneme (qu) using a multi-sensory approach (saying, writing, tapping, visually) and modeled by Ms. Fougere (for example “Watch how my mouth moves and hear how I am making the sound,”). Student learning (both responses orally and in written formats) were reviewed, monitored, and assessed throughout the lesson. The classroom climate was positive and powerful as students were verbally rewarded and reinforced multiple times as they progressed through the lesson. Ms. Fougere’s Motivating Messages via classroom rules/expectations were posted on the front whiteboard: “1. Never Give Up, 2. Smile in Room 37, and 3. Be Kind and Caring to Others.” Ms. Fougere’s curriculum knowledge is vast and she shares that knowledge with her colleagues and teacher teams at PLC's. Again, we cannot say enough about how strongly we feel that Ms. Jamie Fougere is considered as RBT’s Skillful Teacher of 2020 in this Video Contest."