Honorable Mention: 2020 Skillful Teacher Video Contest: Steven Delinger

Mr. Denlinger uses index cards to anonymously collect student responses and then reviews ones with mistakes. This video showcases the skills: Response to Feedback, Overcoming Fear of Mistakes

In Mr. Denlinger's words:

"Learning Goal: The student will learn how to create sentences following specific syntactical structures. Basing the lesson on the video, "My Favorite No," I have been using 3 X 5-inch cards to teach syntactical structure to my regular Sophomore English students. I put up a syntactical structure (for example, S VT DO), and they create a sentence following that structure on their card. Then I collect them, choose one with mistakes that can be teachable moments, and correct it in front of the class. This allows the students to learn from mistakes without embarrassing the student who made the mistake. This video shows how I help students overcome their fear of feedback: they get immediate feedback anonymously. The improvement I've seen has been significant."