Honorable Mention: 2020 Skillful Teacher Video Contest: Emily Webb

Ms. Webb's first-grade art lesson demonstrates various skills from The Skillful Teacher including Routines, Expectations, and Personal Relationship Building.

Ms. Webb was nominated by Lisa Ryan, Consulting Teacher.

In Ms. Ryan's words:

"Ms. Emily Webb has created a motivating, positive classroom climate that emphasizes personal relationships, and clear and high expectations for all. Students have learned the expectations for participating in-class demonstrations, proper and safe use of materials, and growth mindset strategies. Ms. Webb demonstrated for students techniques that are relevant to the lesson. She first reviewed the expectations for how to watch a demonstration. Ms. Webb said, “When I say go, meet me at the red table. Where should your hands be? Students responded, “Behind your back.” Ms. Webb asked, “Should you sit down?” Students responded, “No!” Ms. Webb asked, “Should you touch the table?” Students responded, “No!” Ms. Webb asked, “Should you talk?” Students responded, “No!” Ms. Webb asked, “Should you touch each other?” Students responded, “No!” While demonstrating the painting lesson, Ms. Webb reviewed with students the expectations for handling the paintbrushes. Ms. Webb has incorporated a metaphor technique to teach students to think of their paintbrush as a puppy. Ms. Webb said, “Is my puppy ready to get color? Students replied, “No.” Ms. Webb asked, “What does it need?” Students responded, “Water.” Ms. Webb asked, “My puppy has red all over it. What do I need to do?” Students responded, “Rinse it.” Ms. Webb said, “My puppy needs a bath. Dip dip dip my puppy in the bathtub. Then I can get a new color. When your puppy's hair gets messy, get him another drink.”

At the end of the lesson, Ms. Webb has taught students the expectations for dismissal. This included students lined up in a straight line at the door. Ms.Webb then announced the student artist of the week. She explained how the student earned this title by meeting and exceeding classroom expectations. Before students leave the art room, Ms. Webb has established a routine for ending class with a positive growth mindset strategy. Ms. Webb said to the class, “Raise your hand if you want to lead the class mantra. Ms. Webb said, “Tristin, would you like to lead our mantra?” Tristin led the class by saying, “My mantra. I’m positive. I’m creative. I’m mindful. I’m amazing! I’m an artist.”