Webinar: May 28 - How Will We Prepare for the Return to School

How will we prepare for the return to school?:

Jon Saphier interviews 7 educators about the lessons learned during the pandemic that they will bring with them when they return to "normal" school. Kim Marshall and Jay Tighe summarize what they heard and Deb Reed leads a Q & A.

Resources from guests:

Jay McTighe:

Blog Post: Seven strategies for supporting student learning in a remote environment

Book: Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Projects: Tools for Meaningful Learning and Assessment

Kim Marshall:

Website: The Marshall Memo, including Ideas and Resources for the School Closure Crisis

Peter Light:

Reflections of a Superintendent/Parent during the Covid-19 crisis

Suzanne Russell:

Full PPT Presentation

Please visit this Resource Spreadsheet for the resources mentioned in the webinar and more!

We'll continue to update this page with additional resources as we find them. Many thanks for all the ideas shared by participants. Send additional suggestions to Leah at levine@RBTeach.com.

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May 28, 2020 RBT Webinar Presentation

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