Webinar: April 23- Virtual Pedagogy

What Elements of Good General Pedagogy Transfer Fluidly Into Online Instruction?:

Jon presents some ideas about how to transfer good pedagogy to online learning. Deb leads a panel of educators in a discussion about what has worked for them in the field. Panelists include:

Kristen Palatt

Assistant Principal and Teaching and Learning and RBT In-District Trainer

Morningside Community School, Pittsfield, MA

Resources from Kristen

David Vita

Music Education Specialist and RBT In-District Trainer

Moncure Elementary School, Stafford County, VA

Resources from David

Vincent Cerce

Director of Counseling and Social-Emotional Learning

Norton Public Schools, Norton, MA

Resources from Vincent

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April 23, 2020 RBT Webinar Presentation

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