Expectations: The Impact of High Expectations Teaching: Webster, MA

Teams from every school in the district attended this course. Each participant, including the principals, had to pick a student to be work with from the beginning of the course, keep a log they shared at each session in small groups, and and write a final summary of this student vase study. The superintendent, a former RBTer, Greg Ciardi, attended the whole course. We interviewed teachers, students, and parents at the conclusion of the year to capture the impact the project had on the whole community.

Consider the following activities for application of this video's content:

  • Ask teachers to reflect on and then discuss ways they can communicate with and involve families in effort- based ability as the key to academic success.
  • Form an Action Team to integrate teaching effective effort in all classrooms in your school.
  • Experiment with how ìeffort-based abilityî would affect the teaching of a current unit.
  • For more information refer to the Expectations chapter of The Skillful Teacher.