Planning & Differentiated Instruction "My Favorite Part": Differentiation and Reteaching with High Expectations: High School Mathematics

In this clip, Mr. Herrmann uses a pre-assessment to identify groupings for re-teaching. It shows how he manages the extension/enrichment work the other students will do while he teaches the three small groups. It also shows how to frame re-teaching as an opportunity rather than as a remedial experience. He is sending the three key expectations messages: This is important. You can do it. And I won't give up on you.

A good question to ask after processing the clip is: "What did he have to do to get ready for this class?" Answer: look at previous student difficulties to make up the three question Do-Now at the beginning that would give him the diagnostic data he wanted. Ask why "this is my favorite part?" What impression does it make on the students when he says this. Also analyze his language for implicit meanings, "Everyone gets what they need," and other forms of equality in his language.

This clip simultaneously shows skills from three areas of performance from The Skillful Teacher: Expectations, Assessment, and Learning Experiences. These three particular skills reinforce one another.

Decide which focus for group discussion would be most productive for your team:

Framing the re-teaching event as an opportunity to build student confidence.

Using formative assessment to identify groupings, all within the same class.

Planning and managing extension activities for students to do while the reteaching takes place.

For more information refer to p. 284 of the Expectations chapter, pp. 462 and 479 of the Assessment chapter, and pp. 414 and 425 of the Learning Experiences chapter of The Skillful Teacher.

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