Module 1: An Urgent Call to Action - Chapter 1.2 "Get Ethical Before You Get Technical"

Building on the bridge metaphor of the previous video, this chapter reminds us why building the bridge between data and results is so important: we care about data because we care about students. It tells the story of four students whose teachers had the will and skill to help each one succeed. These stories illustrate that behind every test score is a student deserving of a quality education and a good life.

Reflect and Dialogue:

Who are the students in your school or district whose faces remind you of the moral imperative to serve each student?
To what extent do members of your school or district community share and act upon the following assumption: “Significant improvement in student learning and closing achievement and opportunities gaps is a moral responsibility and a real possibility in a relatively short amount of time – one to three years”?
What evidence supports your response to #2?
If this assumption is not widely shared, what would it take to make it so?
Support Materials:

See The Skillful Teacher Series videos in the Video Library or on DVD in the Online Store.

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