Going to Scale with Robust Student Talk

It is the process that makes the difference

By Jon Saphier

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Jon Saphier

Going to Scale with Robust Student Talk

May 16th, 2022

I found the Making Student Thinking training very helpful to empower students in their learning. I am seeing more students become drivers of their learning.

I am typically am very cynical toward programs like this having taught for almost 15 years. I have been through numerous professional development experiences in which I am presented with new programs that promise to "revolutionize" education but which turn out to be fads which our district moves on from barely a year later without any serious attempt at implementation. The MSTV program, however, was a very refreshing change. After the first few modules, I began to realize that this program was actually relevant and potentially useful. After implementing my midterm project, I found myself actually feeling bad that I had not been doing this all along!

Revere MSTV Participant