Teaching Impact

RBT builds high-expertise teaching skill in educators across the country and abroad

Of all the things that are important to having good schools, nothing is as important as the teacher and what that person knows, believes, and can do.

Jon Saphier

RBT Founder

This course was truly career changing for me. This class offered me exactly what I needed and I grew more as an educator this year than ever. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel it was crucial in my growth as an educator this year.

SST Participant

This course has introduced ways of thinking about my students' experience in the classroom that I've never been exposed to before. As a teacher, I'm usually so focused on the quality of materials, structure, and access to skill that I don't naturally think of how my implicit messages, classroom culture, questioning patterns, and attention to affect/relationship building/community often supersedes my academic passions. Thank you for helping me value my students' needs more than my own.

High-Ex Participant

I typically am very cynical toward programs like this having taught for almost 15 years. After the first few modules, I began to realize that this program was actually relevant and useful for my teaching.

MSTV Participant