Jon Saphier's New Book on High Expertise Teaching

How to get more of it in more places, more of the time

There is a giant opportunity gap for teachers and leaders that is at great cost to our students.

Jon Saphier

My hope here is to galvanize readers’ energy to reengineer the systems and processes that already exist within districts - processes that influence what any educator knows about High Expertise Teaching. And it is also about how to diagnose how those processes are currently working or not working within a school district, how to improve them, and how to integrate them.

Jon Saphier

This book is a synthesis of over fifty years of research and practice that WORKS.   If practitioners, leaders, and governmental officials want to know how to make education work for all, READ THIS BOOK.  It is a step-by-step guide for people at every level to help us all learn.

Bill Sommers